Special Holiday Edition of VAMPYRE MAGAZINE Issue 9 (Digital Version Only!)

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This issue is longer than a regular issue by number of pages but is formatted differently, featuring a handful of in depth interviews with featured creators and artists and a last minute holiday gift guide for vampire relevant Holiday Gothic Gifting needs.

This PREMIUM QUALITY FINE ART MAGAZINE contains 80 PAGES full of content and beautiful imagery.  

Cover model: Lilith Kat

Photographer: Mordred Lafey

Cover edits by: Logan Boese & Kae Belesur

Vampyre Magazine was founded by Father Sebastiaan in the late 1990’s. The first 3 issues, then, sold over 25,000 copies. Vampyre Magazine exists to capture the Zeitgeist of the vampyre current. It has re-launched in 2021 to highlight the diverse talents and voices of the modern Vampire Community. This new era seeks to elevate an empowering message that holds modern vampires accountable to ethics that reflect our enlightened era. Entombed in these pages, you will find various artists, musicians, esotericists, leaders and visionaries. The opinions and artwork remain the intellectual property and opinions of those featured.

VAMPYRE MAGAZINE will be published quarterly as of 2022. 


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