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The Lost Tapes (Special Halloween): a lost conversation with the ALIEN VAMPIRES

Have you ever stumbled upon old, damaged, barely functioning cassette tapes giving you dark secrets when you least expected it?
The Lost Tapes are about conversations had with artists and personalities known for their unique personalities, conversations that have never been published or disclosed.
For this special Halloween edition, the second and last episode deals with the band ALIEN VAMPIRES whose personal and artistic story is still as extravagant as ever.
In this conversation, they're strictly willing not to hide anything. From BDSM to other stuff. That Lost Tape happened two years ago in an unknown place.
† Happy Halloween Vamps and Witches 🦇🌹
ALIEN VAMPIRES are ones of these techno industrial bands that you cannot be insensitive about. The adventure starts in 2000 almost 20 years ago, when Nysrok Infernalien (formerly part of ABORYM) develops a consuming passion for blending some industrial, EBM and psy trance with Jam Montoya. Joined by NightStalker in the early 2000s Alien Vampires got its final lineup up to today. The concept is strong, the concept is burlesque, for many quite hilarious as they portray themselves as so-called alien vampires. But until then, ALIEN VAMPIRES has no less than five full albums, six remix albums, three compilations, one bestof and a quite impressive amount of collaborations with big names such SUICIDE COMMANDO or IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES. Actually, they even are the best at their work.
† Hi, what's up today? You have been quite quiet since the release of your best of.
Nightstalker: Been a shitty day today but I’ll survive. lately?? I robbed a bank. Define quiet…we have performed some selected shows in Russia and a couple of other places around the world and we are finalising our new EP - “Fuck the Revolution Bring on the Apocalypse”. For real?? By the way, why and how did you choose this band name? I mean, what is the main meaning behind all of it? Nysrok: Because it is just perfect and the meaning it is the origin of everything and at the same time the end of it.
† A question especially for people who listen to your music only and not the lyrics .. what are the main topics of your music?
Nightstalker: It’s ALL personal for us.it’s a mixture of our real life experiences and passions. for instance the meaning of a song like “You wish me dead get in line” it s quite intuitive. it’s all about the folks who were ,are and will be against us…we don’t have friends in the scene and we are not interested in make any, they are all boring and always ready to jump on “the dead body” to get a picture on it , but very very few have the balls to leave their keyboard for a minute and stick their head outside to see what’s really going on. we have been criticised and attacked many times but whenever we met these folks on tour or in the street they just shut up. if you wonder what “all the fakes must die” means sum it up 1+1. instead a song like “Foot job addiction” is all about our real female foot fetish by all means.
† By the way, who thought of a collaboration with IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES for 666? How much have you contributed to it? Violent, mysterious, macabre, dirty, it’s probably the best intro ever done in the genre.
Nysrok: I was quite passionate about their music style and I happen to get the chance to collaborate for the intro “666” and it worked quite well. it was a four hands initiative and i think we were all very into it and inspired. this is probably one of our few collaboration that we are really proud of as many try to imitiate ISN sound today but they don’t reach the same level. That intro represents AV at its best.
† Let’s talk about style and aesthetics. Saying that you’re visual is even an euphemism. What is the importance of visual in the process of your artistic expression?
Nightstalker: It represents what we are in the inside and it’s deliberately anarchic and chaotic because we are just like that. you see the difference between a lot of other bands , people in general and us it is that we are not trying to be somebody else or incarnate some kind of rebellious ideal. we are AV all day long. we are in a constant state of war. Nysrok for example has been living in the worst part of London for ages. go there and try to survive then we’ll talk again. you see if you don’t find a balance between who you really are and who you want to represent you are just a fucking fake. we are real and the same with or without the makeup.
† Since you have a specific style, have anyone ever recognized you as ALIEN VAMPIRES members in the street?
Nysrok: Yes it happened but it doesn’t matter we remain the worst nightmare for the majority of people. for sure nobody knows us where I live unless you belong to a gang ahaha
† Over the last 18 years how has making music for AV changed for you? What’s different now than in your early debut?
Nightstalker: it never really changed, if you listen to our first things and the latest ones there are some differences in the production or the genre but there is always a common characteristic which is the different styles we produce our songs. we have never produced an album or EP that was just 10 or 5 identical songs. we produce what we feel and want to do, metal, pure dance, industrial, etc
† Back to nowadays...Is there any artistic manifestation that caught your attention lately?
Nysrok: I couldn’t say. I still like classical music and some other stuff…..
† By the way, what are your favorite movies/series? I'm just curious ...
Nightstalker: favourite movies?? series?? ahahah we are not really into it. I mean nothing wrong about it, do the fuck you want but we are already busy to survive and find a sense of things rather than finding one into something fake.
† .. Hum any totally un-dark/un-goth/unindustrial information or anecdotes you can tell about yourselves, by any chance? That you love swimming in yellow pants or that you’d rather stay at home watching the Desperate Housewives rather than going to hellectro clubs? Come on, there might be something that we could have never imagined about you ..
Nysrok: well that's the cool part of AV . for us AV doesn’t end up when we are off the stage. we keep going to be AV in everyday life.I remember a night some time ago in our studio in Brick Lane (london) . we got so fucked up that we decided to get out and auto-invite us to a private party that was going on in a bar not far from the studio. we got into a fight a couple of times , one with the bodyguards of the place , we escaped the police and run into a Chinese restaurant where we ate like there was no tomorrow. we left and got into another fight this time into a bus. kicked out from the bus we… I don’t fucking remember anymore but that’s a typical night out for us..
† Do you have any friend or family members who totally ignore your dark side?
NightStalker: well today it’s not anymore about being alternative dark or whatever. its all mixed up . there are some young kids who perform in the trap scene who are more alternative and dark than all of us put together. i don’t know i don’t really see anymore all these differences. I know some people that are supposedly normal folks who are more dark and extreme than the so called alternative and hardcore folks in our scene.
† Any non-dark culture artists that you would have loved to work with?
Nysrok: Pavarotti.
† We can say that EBM and its related genres experienced a huge boost in the early 2000s especially under the fame of platforms such as goth blogs, goth forums or especially Vampirefreaks. Since then, dark culture is much quieter and came back to its former (very) underground sub-cultural state. Are you nostalgic or the early 2000s?
Nysrok: we aren’t nostalgic of anything , we just live things as they happen . for sure we never spitted in the plate we ate in for so many years like a lot of other bands did to then comeback to their nostalgic old school sets ahaha
† In comparison, there are almost no goth parties anymore in Paris nowadays .. what about England? Has the country suffered from the recent society smashing of dark culture?
NightStalker: Dark culture is everywhere for me it’s just in a different shape not necessarily in black pants and bask shirts with black eyeliner. you can be dark and dress like a rainbow to me. your clothes and style doesn’t necessarily represent who you really are. there are a lot of really cool venues that mix a little bit of everything. London has still some extremely fun venues and goth parties.


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